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Discover our sofa range below. With countless styles, sizes and support levels on offer, there's a sofa for every home and budget. Best of all, no matter which sofa you choose, rest assured knowing each piece of furniture has been designed with comfort, quality, style and functionality in mind.

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Whether you want a fold-out sofa or a 3-seater that converts into a queen bed, we have you covered.

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Frequently asked questions

Are sofa beds comfortable?

All of our sofa beds are constructed using only premium quality materials that make them great for both sitting and for sleeping on. It’s important to look at the fill materials of the sofa cushions to ensure they meet what you’re looking for when it comes to comfort. Our sofa beds are all designed to be highly functional and exceptionally comfortable as both sofas and beds – while also looking great. Visit one of our showrooms to get a better feel of just how comfortable our range of sofa beds truly are.

What is a sofa sleeper?

A sofa sleeper is a term that refers to sofa beds that have a mattress component that can be unfolded and folded as needed like our corner and chaise sofas and our 3 seat sofa beds. These are also commonly referred to as sofa beds, but you'll spot a sofa sleeper based on the mechanism for unfolding the bed component and mattress or if it's a futon-style sofa bed that doesn't feature a separate mattress.
Sofa beds come in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of needs, from single armchair sofa beds and 2 seat sofa beds to 3 seat sofa beds and corner sofa beds that can comfortably sleep multiple overnight guests. The size of sofa bed to look for is one that best suits your space in terms of size as well as how many guests you want to comfortably accommodate. If you don't see one you like ask our showroom teams about our range of custom sofa beds.
Yes, it's possible to get a chaise lounge and sofa bed combined. The sofa bed component typically pulls out of the sofa and sits adjacent to the chaise lounge like with our corner sofa beds. The designs of sofa beds with chaise lounge elements will offer different benefits depending on what you’re looking for, with the chaise component often featuring a handy storage compartment underneath for storing items like cushions, throws, pillows and guest bedding.
The best type of sofa bed is one that fits your living space, sleeps the number of guests you’d ideally like to accommodate and is also comfortable both as a bed and as a sofa. Look for the materials that the sofa cushion fill is comprised of and if the sofa bed you’re looking at has a mattress, take note of the quality and materials of the mattress. Select from our range of corner sofa beds, 3 seat sofa beds or armchair sofa beds and check out our custom sofa beds to find the perfect fit for your home.

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